Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Michael Herzog, a long-time JPPI Senior Fellow, has been appointed Israel's next Ambassador to the United States. Mike is undoubtedly the right man, for the right place, at the right time. His personal and professional qualities have been a great asset for the Institute and while we are sorry to lose him, we are, of course, happy and proud that he will represent the State of Israel in Washington. Mike's illustrious military career and his work, in recent years, at our Institute and at the Washington Institute have prepared him for the job perfectly. Mike is profoundly dedicated to enhancing relations between Israel and the Diaspora and there is no doubt that his appointment bodes well for this critically important matter, which is at the heart of JPPI’s mission. Good luck, Mike.


Prof. Yedidia Stern




JPPI Meeting with Israel's President


JPPI staff met with Israel`s president, Isaac Herzog, and discussed the challenges currently facing the Jewish people. President Herzog mentioned that he places enormous value in promoting Jewish cohesion In Israel, the Diaspora, and between Israel and the Diaspora, which JPPI works to promote. The president expressed his appreciation of JPPI`s work and staff and communicated a willingness to work together toward achieving shared goals. JPPI’s president, Prof. Yedidia Stern, said at the end of the meeting: "The Institute and its researchers are at the disposal of President Herzog and the President`s House in the effort to promote Jewish and Israeli cohesion."



To Deter Iran, Give Israel a Big Bomb

Dennis Ross

The best way to ensure Tehran doesn’t gain the capability to make a nuclear weapon is for the U.S. to empower its ally.

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Jews: Minority or Mainstream?

Dr. Shlomo Fischer

Jewish Orthodox groups see their task as defending traditional conservative values, and in so doing are aligning with traditional and conservative groups within their society.

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Artem – Brother or Other?

Prof. Yedidia Stern

The State of Israel should recognize two parallel paths for the creation of family units: religious marriage and secular civil unions. Thus, Artem would become an equal citizen without tearing the fabric of our shared Israeli society.

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What Israelis Want: Kosher Food at Affordable Prices

Dr. Shuki Friedman

The new minister of religious affairs has a plan to provide more reliable supervision and lower food prices -- all without harming the Chief Rabbinate

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