Yom Kippur has long given every Jew the opportunity to step out of the race, look at the balance of his life, and take an accounting of his soul. Alongside its deeply personal and intimate significance, today, in the State of Israel, it also has profound public significance. Without any coercion, almost all Jews in Israel choose to respect the sanctity of the day. The media is silent, the roads are empty, and the entire nation connects to its unique identity.


One day a year when everyone wishes everyone: G’mar Chatima Tova.


Prof. Yedidia Stern




Farewell Event for Our Friend Mike Herzog


The Jewish People Policy Institute (JPPI) bid farewell yesterday to its Senior Fellow Mike Herzog, who has been appointed Israel’s Ambassador to the United States. The send-off event was with participation of former Prime Minister Ehud Barak, retired Supreme Court President Miriam Naor, JPPI’s President Prof. Yedidia Stern, the Institute’s Co-Chairmen Ambassadors Dennis Ross and Stuart Eizenstat, Amb. Dani Dayan, Amb. Sallai Meridor, and many others.


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China, the American Challenge and the Implications for Israel and the Jewish People

Dr. Shalom Wald

Possibly China regards Israel today as an American vassal state. Israel must find ways to prove to the Chinese that it is not so, without jeopardizing its strategic relations with the United States

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Israel’s Chance for a Reset with American Jewry and Democrats

Dan Feferman

The Bennett government is configured for warmer ties, with none of Netanyahu's stake in exaggerating the divide with progressive Jews and the US left

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The (Non-)Draft Law for Haredim

Prof. Yedidia Stern

Lowering the draft age for the ultra-Orthodox to let them leave the army at the usual age sounds like a good idea, but it might just bring down this people's army

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Israel and American Jewry – Pause a Moment Before the Abyss

Dr. Shuki Friedman

The Bennett-Lapid government has a duty to do everything possible so that by the end of its tenure, Israel will not be a bad word in many U.S. Jewish communities

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Should Israel be Apprehensive Following the US Abandonment of Afghanistan?

Avi Gil

Following the recent round of fighting between Israel and Hamas, Harvard Prof. Stephen Walt penned an article entitled: “It’s Time to End the ‘Special Relationship’ With Israel”

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