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Let’s Talk – Discussing the Future Among the Jewish People

Israel Advocacy and Israel Education — Leadership Must Decide

The Diaspora Jewish Community, Post-Pandemic: Trends and Recommendations

China’s Rise, US Opposition and the Implications for Israel

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The Future of the Current World Order: Implications for Israel and the Jewish People

An Integrated Jewish World Response to Israel’s Migrant Challenge

Putting the Kotel Decision in Context – Implications and Steps Forward

India, Israel and the Jewish People

Learning Jewishness, Jewish Education and Jewish Identity

Family, Engagement, and Jewish Continuity among American Jews

Raising Jewish Children: Research and Indications for Intervention

Crowd Sourced Genealogy and Direct-to-Consumer DNA Testing: Implications for the Jewish People

The Challenge of Peoplehood: Strengthening the Attachment of Young American Jews to Israel in the Time of the Distancing Discourse

Jewish People Global Forum

Policy Paper: China and the Jewish People