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Rabbi Lau: We need to try to find common ground

Former Chief Rabbi of Israel, Israel Meir Lau: “Jewish identity was crucial to Ben-Gurion”

At a conference held by the Jewish People Policy Institute to launch the book 75 Faces of the Jewish State, which includes 75 thoughtful essays on the question of what constitutes a Jewish state. The Hebrew edition of the book was published (Yedioth Books) on the eve of Israel’s 75th Independence Day; the English edition will follow in short order.

Former Chief Rabbi of Israel, Israel Meir Lau said in the discussion at the conference that Jewish identity was crucial to Ben-Gurion, and he supported bringing the United Religious Front into the government. Rabbi Lau called for dialogue and suggested that the justice minister or the prime minister stop the legislation in its current form to let the people breathe — to act to calm things down and try to find common ground.