China, the American Challenge and the Implications for Israel and the Jewish People

The US vs China: Confrontation Continues in 2021 What are the consequences of the Sino-American conflict for Israel and the Jewish people? How do China’s reactions to the American challenge…

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Israel and American Jewry – Pause a Moment before the Abyss

The Bennett-Lapid government has a duty to do everything possible so that by the end of its tenure, Israel will not be a bad word in many U.S. Jewish communities

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The (non-)draft law for Haredim

Lowering the draft age for the ultra-Orthodox to let them leave the army at the usual age sounds like a good idea, but it might just bring down this people’s…

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Israel’s chance for a reset with American Jewry and Democrats

The Bennett government is configured for warmer ties, with none of Netanyahu’s stake in exaggerating the divide with progressive Jews and the US left.

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Should Israel be apprehensive following the US abandonment of Afghanistan?

Following the recent round of fighting between Israel and Hamas, Harvard Prof. Stephen Walt penned an article entitled: “It’s Time to End the ‘Special Relationship’ With Israel.”

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Artem – Brother or Other?

The State of Israel should recognize two parallel paths for the creation of family units: religious marriage and secular civil unions. Thus, Artem would become an equal citizen without tearing…

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What Israelis Want: Kosher Food at Affordable Prices

The new minister of religious affairs has a plan to provide more reliable supervision and lower food prices — all without harming the Chief Rabbinate.

To Deter Iran, Give Israel a Big Bomb

The best way to ensure Tehran doesn’t gain the capability to make a nuclear weapon is for the U.S. to empower its ally.